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Professional services include family office services for individuals as well as corporate structuring and assistance in establishing and managing companies.

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Nevis Office Services

The services available from Dixcart Management Nevis Limited include:

Corporate Formation

Incorporation of Nevis International and Local Companies and the provision of registered office and registered agent services.

Asset Protection and Succession Planning

As a financial centre, Nevis is well renowned for its strong asset protection structures such as the Multiform Foundation and Nevis International Exempt Trust.  Through the use of these structures’ families can ensure that they protect their wealth and manage the progression to the next generation.

Nevis Registered Trusts

A Nevis International Trust can offer a high degree of protection through the simple act of registering the Trust under the Nevis International Exempt Trust Ordinance. 

It is also possible that a Nevis Private Trust Company may be incorporated to act as the Trustee of a Nevis International Trust without the need to obtain a special license.

Dixcart Nevis are well versed in the role of International Trustees.  Our Trust Professionals are there to offer a hands-on professional service, which focuses on the family.

As a Group we are able to understand and manage Family Trust issues, which may from time to time cross into other international jurisdictions.  This ability to understand and calmly deal with matters makes Dixcart different to other providers. 

If a fully managed structure is not required, then Dixcart can simply assist by establishing trust structures for other professionals to manage.  Dixcart can then supply registered office services and other support services as and when needed.

Multiform Foundations

Nevis Multiform Foundations are tax exempt, they are very flexible and offer significant protection against foreign agents. 

Multiform Foundations can change their form between Foundations, Trusts, Companies, and Partnerships and thus providing exciting opportunities for Estate and tax planners.

Dixcart are able to advise regarding the formation and management of a Nevis Multiform Foundation.

There is no geographical restriction for the Managers of a Multiform Foundation. 

Economic Citizenship

As a licensed Agent for the St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship program, our professionals will review and make recommendations on our client applications, so as to ensure that only the very best application is presented to the Government. 

As a result of this diligence, processing times can be as little as 3-4 months for a standard application and as little as 45 to 90 days for the accelerated programme.

In addition, to St Kitts & Nevis CBI program, our professionals have experience with other Caribbean programs and would gladly discuss if further detail is required.

Other Services Available Through Dixcart Nevis

Dixcart can provide additional services to clients such as:

  • Opening a Bank Account and Credit Card facility
  • Company services, such as the maintenance of statutory records, preparation and completion of accounts and general bookkeeping and administration services
  • Creation and holding of Wills (for Nevis Assets) and provision of Executor Services. 
  • Provision of Nominee shareholder services
  • Director/Manager/Trustee Services
  • Estate Planning using Nevis Foundations and Trusts

Nevis Information

Dixcart Management Nevis Limited is a company incorporated in and licensed by the Nevis Island Administration to supply services in relation to companies, Trusts and multi-form Foundations.

  • Our team of professionals are experienced in providing help and assistance to clients regarding local laws and regulations and are able to provide a full range of services including, incorporation and management of Nevis structures and a complete service in relation to the Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme.
  • The jurisdiction operates a common law legal system and is well regulated by such bodies as FATF (Financial Action Task Force) and OECD (Organisation for Co-operation and Development).
  • Nevis offers some of the strongest and most robust Asset Protection Trusts and Foundations, which are widely used for the preservation and progression of family wealth through generations.
  • As part of the Dixcart Group, we have direct access to our own expanding network of International Professionals.  As such we are well placed to provide sensible international cross border solutions, to clients who are seeking to take advantage of the opportunities only available through a multiple jurisdictional Group such as the Dixcart Group.
  • As part of the Dixcart Group, Dixcart Domiciles, can guide individuals through the opportunities available and provide expert advice and solutions for international clients that may be considering migration to another country, whether it be in the form of a Citizenship application in St Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, and Dominica, or a residence visa or citizenship application for the UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Malta and Cyprus.
  • Dixcart Management Nevis Limited is licensed by the Citizenship by Investment Unit as a Licensed Agent and are able to assist clients with advising families on gaining citizenship through the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment programme.
  • Nevis offers numerous benefits to International Companies, Trusts, Multiform Foundations and Individuals; including exemptions from income tax, social security tax, capital gains tax, wealth tax, death duty and inheritance tax. Nevis also does not levy VAT or other indirect taxes.

The Dixcart Jurisdiction Note for Nevis provides additional information regarding Nevis and the formation of companies in this jurisdiction.


G.R. Sutcliffe BA FCCA

A.J. Magell BSc ACA

Licensed by the Ministry of Finance of the Nevis Island Administration

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