Green Finance Investing and the Guernsey Green Fund

‘ESG’ and Green Finance Investing – the Guernsey Green Fund

Environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) and Green Finance investing have risen to the top of regulatory and investor agendas, as the strong momentum to act as better-engaged, more pro-active custodians of global ESG change continues.

This change is being delivered through the financial services landscape.

Delivery, Strategy and Expertise

Institutional, family office and sophisticated private investor strategies are evolving to include greater elements of ESG investment – but how are those investment opportunities being delivered?

Private and institutional investment houses and family offices continue to create expert advisory teams to guide their ESG strategies and to offer these strategies and  expertise to a wider population of investors, through new and existing fund structures.

For new investor groups, be they institutional, family office or other, looking to directly control and deliver their own bespoke ESG strategies, a fund structure is the globally accepted norm for delivery.

The Guernsey Green Fund Credibility

In 2018 the Guernsey Financial Services (‘GFSC’), published the Guernsey Green Fund rules, creating the world’s first regulated green investment fund product.

The objective of the Guernsey Green Fund is to provide a platform upon which investments into various green initiatives can be made.

The Guernsey Green Fund enhances investor access to the green investment space by providing a trusted and transparent product that contributes to the internationally agreed objectives of mitigating environmental damage and climate change.

Investors in a Guernsey Green Fund are able to rely on the Guernsey Green Fund designation, provided through compliance with the Guernsey Green Fund Rules, to represent a scheme that meets strict eligibility criteria for green investing and has the objective of a net positive impact on the planet’s environment.

Delivering a Guernsey Green Fund

Any class of Guernsey fund can notify of its intention to be designated a Guernsey Green Fund; whether registered or authorised, open-ended or closed-ended, providing it meets the eligibility criteria.

The GFSC will designate Guernsey Green Funds on its website and authorise the use of the Guernsey Green Fund logo to be used on its various marketing and information materials (in accordance with the GFSC’s guidelines on logo use). An appropriate fund can therefore clearly display its Guernsey Green Fund designation and compliance with the Guernsey Green Fund Rules.

The GFSC is currently in the process of registering the Guernsey Green Fund logo as a trade-mark with Guernsey’s Intellectual Property Office website.

Dixcart Fund Services in Guernsey

We see the lighter-touch, closed-ended, Guernsey Private Investment Fund structures as being particularly attractive to family offices and managers of sophisticated private investor groups, seeking to take direct control of and deliver bespoke ESG investment strategies.

We work directly with expert legal advisers and investment managers to deliver, manage and administer fund structures.

Additional Information

For further information on Dixcart Fund Services in Guernsey and where to start, please contact Steve de Jersey, in the Dixcart office in Guernsey:

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