Introduction to Katrien de Poorter and Henno Kotze – Members of our DDL Team

Each of the Dixcart offices has a Dixcart Domiciles Team, providing advice regarding residence and/or citizenship programmes, and information on a number of tax efficient solutions that might be available.

Katrien de Poorter from our Cyprus office and Henno Kotze from our Dixcart office in Malta, are the two members of the team we are introducing to you today.

Dixcart Domiciles

Individuals and their families are becoming increasingly mobile, and Dixcart Domiciles, a business sector within Dixcart, specialises in residence and citizenship.

A number of countries offer attractive residence schemes and certain programmes offer the additional advantage of a passport.

Dixcart Domiciles offers specialist advice regarding various residence programmes around the world. We can help you discover the best country and programme for you and your family and provide advice on a number of tax efficient solutions that might be available. Dixcart Domiciles has its own website, which covers the programmes, the benefits, and financial obligations of each country in further detail.

Introduction to Katrien de Poorter and Henno Kotze

Katrien has been working in the fiduciary and wealth management sector since moving to Cyprus, as well as previously in in the United Arab Emirates. She also has close ties to other countries in the Middle East and  to Switzerland.

Henno was appointed Director of Dixcart Management Malta in 2018. He heads up the business development team, tasked with the continued expansion of this office and the promotion of Dixcart professional services available across the Group.

Katrien de Poorter

Katrien de Poorter has international experience in providing solutions to European and international clients and has a detailed understanding of the Cyprus Permanent Residence Programme which is available to non-EU nationals seeking to move to Cyprus.

Katrien advises clients on all aspects of relocating to Cyprus, including how to benefit from the advantageous non-domicile tax regime and the additional tax incentives that are available to Cypriot residents. Katrien also has experience in establishing and managing Cypriot companies once relocation has taken place, as a depth of knowledge regarding the establishment of Foreign Interest Companies allowing non-EU nationals to establish themselves in Cyprus.

Since moving to Cyprus, herself, she is able to draw on her own experiences in relocating to Cyprus, when advising clients embarking on the same journey, and is able to provide additional information on what it is like to live and work in Cyprus.

Henno Kotze

Henno Kotze

Director – Dixcart Management Malta Limited

Henno Kotze has expertise in providing international solutions to companies and individuals from several countries around the world and has a detailed understanding of the attractive residence programmes and tax regimes available to non-domiciled individuals in Malta.

Malta offers several residence and citizenship programmes and Henno has an in-depth knowledge of each of the programmes, including the benefits and financial obligations. He also specialises in international tax planning and structuring, establishing and managing Maltese companies, and has expertise regarding yachting and online gaming in Malta, as well as VAT.

Since joining Dixcart, Henno has advised many businesses relocating to Malta and has assisted a portfolio of clients wishing to obtain Maltese citizenship. He is on hand to meet clients in Malta, provide advice regarding the country and areas to live, assist with the documentation and application process of each programme, and advise on the legal aspects of relocating.

Dixcart Management Malta Limited Licence Number: AKM-DIXC-23

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