Lifestyle Re-think: Guernsey, IOM, Malta and St Kitts & Nevis


The recent pandemic is causing many individuals to re-evaluate what is of key importance in life.

CV-19, unwelcome in so many ways, has caused us to draw breath and consider that ‘fast and frantic’ may not be the best approach to life.

What Are the Alternatives?

People and their families are spending more time together and finding alternative ways to keep occupied, centred around the family home. Although restrictive, many have discovered new levels of appreciation of family and lifestyle during this time. New ways have been found to relax, including family exercise, new hobbies, a healthier focus on life, and calming and wellbeing focused activities.

Longer Term Alternatives

Longer term, a slower pace of life on an on-going basis, has become more attractive, to many.

One way to achieve this is to move location and a small island destination can be of appeal.

Not only is the lifestyle refreshing but an island can be ring-fenced rapidly when a crisis occurs, as witnessed with CV-19. The flow of people in and out can be restricted far more easily when a country does not have ‘on-land borders’ and is not a central hub for flights.

Dixcart Domiciles

Dixcart Domiciles assists individuals to relocate and/or to take up alternative residence or citizenship options.

Life-style related factors will always be a priority, and particularly so in the future due to recent circumstances. However, movement to a jurisdiction with an attractive tax regime will often be a major influencer as well, together with other financial and wealth planning factors including few or no forced heirship rules, a lack of exchange control, and a business-friendly environment encouraging and enabling entrepreneurial activity.

Lifestyle: Guernsey

The island of Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands, which are situated in the English Channel close to the French coast of Normandy. It is well known for its temperate climate, relaxed high quality of living and has a quintessential British charm.

In addition to Guernsey, the island of Sark falls within the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Sark is a small island (2.10 square miles) with a population of approximately 600 and has no motorised transport.

The island of Guernsey is about 79 square kilometres, with almost the same area of stunning coastline. It has an approximate population of 65,000, with a warm and thriving community. It combines many of the reassuring elements of UK culture, with the benefits of living abroad.

Guernsey is perfect for families. Crime is extremely low on the island and the education system is superb. Guernsey offers around 2,000 hours of sun per annum and there is a range of sport and leisure activities available for all ages. These range from coastal walks, cycling, and golf, to surfing, sailing and diving. 

Lifestyle: Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is situated in the Irish Sea, centrally located between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and it is a beautiful place to live. Whilst the island may be small, just 572 square kilometres, with its rugged coastline and rolling hills, it offers plenty of space for families to breathe, relax and enjoy what island life has to offer.

The Isle of Man has been a self-governing Crown Dependency since 1866, and this political independence, combined with its strong democratic values, have enabled the Isle of Man to be governed efficiently over the past 154 years.

The Isle of Man Government adopts a forward-thinking and pragmatic approach, which allows the close-knit community of approximately 85,000 people to benefit from a healthy and relaxed lifestyle. The Isle of Man Sports Council supports various sport activities across, and the island is recognised as having one of the lowest crime rates across Europe. In the recent few years, the government has invested in programmes to modernise schools, and transport. In addition, the island has a high-quality workforce and access to a very good health care system.

Lifestyle: Malta

Malta offers the climate, the relaxed lifestyle and rich history to make living on this island, a real pleasure. Malta is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments, including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Located in the Mediterranean, just south of Sicily, Malta offers all of the advantage of being a full member of the EU and Schengen Member States and has English as one of its two official languages. Malta is also very well connected with most of the international airlines (such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Emriates, Qatar, Turkish Airlines, Ryanair, EasyJet, WizzAir and swiss, to name a few), which fly to Malta almost daily.

With a population of about 475,000 over an area of 316 square kilometres, Malta is the world’s tenth smallest country in area and fifth most densely populated sovereign country. Its capital is Valletta, which is the smallest national capital in the European Union by area.

Its location in the centre of the Mediterranean has historically given it great strategic importance as a naval base, with a succession of powers having contested and ruled the islands. Most of the foreign influences have left some sort of mark on the country’s ancient history.

Malta’s economy has enjoyed large growth since joining the EU and the forward-thinking Government actively encourages new business sectors and technologies.

Lifestyle: St Kitts & Nevis

St Kitts & Nevis offers an extremely appealing Caribbean lifestyle.

The Federation of St Kitts & Nevis is made of up two islands situated in the Caribbean Sea and are approximately three hours by plane from Miami, four hours by plane from New York and eight hours by plane from London. There are direct flights from all of these cities and many local air connections to other Caribbean islands.

St Kitts & Nevis has a population of approximately 53,000 and English is the official language. Before gaining status as an independent country in 1983, St Kitts & Nevis was part of Britain for over 200 years, which is why British traditions still play an important role in the diverse culture of the islands.

St Kitts & Nevis has a tropical climate, with little variation and is therefore warm and sunny throughout the year. The islands have a volcanic origin and are dominated by centrally located mountains and tropical rainforests, fringed by beautiful sandy beaches and palm trees.

Real estate is of international standard. Applicants have the choice of investing in unique real estate or buying into a premier market with a ready inventory of condominiums, apartments, hotels, villas, and luxury homes, which continue to be developed across the islands. 

How Can Dixcart Help?

  • Dixcart offers advice and assistance to individuals seeking to relocate to; Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta, and St Kitts & Nevis.

Additional Information

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