Private Wealth – Getting It Right: Trusts, Foundations and Funds

Thursday 22 September 2022

11:00AM BST


Dixcart has provided private client services for 50 years. The origins of the Group were as a Trust Company. We are therefore well equipped to assist with the formation and administration of trusts, foundations and private or managed trust structures. We offer trust and foundation services through six fully regulated and independent entities.

This webinar will provide a thorough overview of the options and opportunities for wealthy individuals and their families, and how our services can be tailored to each specific client. There will be a discussion between six Dixcart panellists in order to highlight the most effective private wealth vehicles and structures, across the jurisdictions of Cyprus, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Malta, Nevis, and Switzerland, which will include contingency planning, succession and inheritance planning, and the transfer of wealth to the next generation. 

We will look at:

  • Trusts versus Foundations and how both continue to be an effective means of preserving wealth, distinguishing the precise characteristics between the two, and how both structures can be used successfully.
  • Funds and how the use of a Fund can help provide greater legitimate control by the family over decision making and assets, as well as provide wider family involvement, particularly of the next generation.

Please come prepared with questions, or feel free to submit them via the registration page or email us at: The event will finish with a Q&A session with our panellists.


Katrien de Poorter, Dixcart Cyprus

Katrien has worked in the fiduciary and wealth management sector in Cyprus for over 12 years, but also has ties in the UAE, Middle East, and Switzerland.

Cyprus provides attractive opportunities for establishing and operating a Trust. Katrien is expert in the use of a Cyprus International Trust (CIT), which is widely used by families, but also for business transactions and as a vehicle for charitable and other purposes. She regularly proposes structure ideas for creating and operating the CIT and drafting the legal documents.

Bruce Watterson, Dixcart Guernsey

Bruce manages a portfolio of structures for high-net-worth clients, acting as corporate director, trustee, and adviser, as is appropriate. In today’s fast changing international business landscape, working closely with top tier professional tax advisers, lawyers and fellow accountants is a key strength of his approach.

Guernsey is a highly favoured location for the establishment and administration of Trusts and Foundations and Bruce is proficient in the formation and management of both of these entities, particularly for estate and succession planning.

Increasingly he is identifying fund solutions to meet the different demands of his varied portfolio of clients.

Paul Harvey, Dixcart Ilse of Man

Paul joined Dixcart Isle of Man in 2009 and became a director in 2017.

He is a qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner with 20 years of experience within the Financial Services sector. He has experience covering all aspects of Trust and Company management and works closely with other tax advisers, lawyers, and accountants to ensure the effective establishment and management of offshore structures for international commercial and private clients. He also provides Director services to a select portfolio of high-net-worth clients.

Paul is experienced in the establishment and administration of Trusts and Foundations and works with international families to establish the right structure for them.

Henno Kotze

Henno Kotze, Dixcart Malta

Henno has expertise in providing international solutions to companies and individuals from several countries around the world and specialises in international wealth planning and asset protection solutions for private clients. 

He is expert in the establishment and management of Trusts and Foundations, which both offer high-net-worth individuals and their families a tailor-made solution for their estate and succession planning and can advise on the key characteristics of both.

He is also knowledgeable in the establishment of a Private Trust Company (PTC), which provides families with the option to manage their own estate through a bespoke estate planning tool.

Beth Le Cheminant, Dixcart Nevis

Beth joined Dixcart in 2022 as Managing Director of the Nevis office. 

Her experience in the areas of asset protection, Trusts, and Foundations strengthens the private client services available from Dixcart Nevis.

Beth worked in the financial service industry in Guernsey for 10 years, specialising in fiduciary and estate planning. She worked for several notable organisations, gaining a range of experience in fiduciary structuring, wealth management, and pioneering a structuring solution which was the first of its kind in Guernsey. She was named one of ePrivate Client’s top 35 under 35 trust, legal and accountancy professionals in the Channel Islands.

Christine Breitler, Dixcart Switzerland

Christine joined the Group in 1997. She became Head of Dixcart Switzerland in 2000.

Christine has expertise regarding the establishment of trusts and foundations and provides advice on family office and wealth preservation services to Swiss and international clients, including estate planning, tax, commercial matters, and immigration.

She also has experience in international tax planning, and the formation and administration of Swiss and foreign companies. She assists with the incorporation and administration of Swiss companies, their management and control, and the statutory obligations in Switzerland. In addition, she helps commercial structures establish international organisations through Dixcart offices located elsewhere.

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