St Kitts & Nevis  – A Summary: Wealth Management and Citizenship by Investment

St Kitts & Nevis is a modern, forward-thinking financial centre located within the Eastern Caribbean.  It has a unique history of legislative and fiscal independence and is at the forefront in terms of providing practical solutions to an increasingly mobile and international client base.

Nevis has developed a number of attractive options, over the years, to meet corporate and individual needs, and allowing clients to organise their affairs in an efficient and confidential manner.

Some of the jurisdiction’s key benefits include:

  • Confidentiality – There is no beneficial ownership register in Nevis, public or private and Ultimate Beneficial Owner information is kept confidential by the registered agent (Dixcart)
  • Agility – There are agile structuring options; an entity formed in another jurisdiction may easily redomicile to Nevis including existing; Trusts, Companies and Foundations, and not only can those entities migrate to Nevis, those existing entities can also be transformed into a Nevis Foundation to maintain continuity
  • Flexibility – With cutting edge and flexible foundation legislation, a Nevis multiform foundation can take or change its form to be a; trust foundation, a company foundation, a partnership foundation or a traditional foundation and can chop and change its form throughout its life to adjust dynamically to Client’s needs – this will mostly follow independent tax advice, otherwise a traditional foundation may suffice
  • Security – Nevis Asset Protection Laws mean that any potential creditor must place a bond of US$100,000 for a Trust and US$50,000 for a Foundation before bringing any action or proceeding against the Trust or Foundation property. There is a 2 years statute of limitations period for Trusts and 1 year for Foundations. Foreign judgements aren’t recognised and any civil action must be brought anew in the Courts of the Federation
  • Friendly tax environment – there is no income tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, inheritance tax or gift tax in Nevis

Services Provided by Dixcart Management (Nevis) Limited

Dixcart Nevis provides a wealth of solutions and expertise with respect to succession planning and citizenship by investment. Our bespoke services include:

  • Formation of Nevis Asset Protection Trusts and the provision of Trustee services
  • Formation and management of Nevis Multiform Foundations
  • Nevis Company incorporation and registered office / registered agent services
  • Citizenship by Investment
  • Estate and Succession planning and family office services
  • Nevis Wills
  • We are proud to offer a proactive and dedicated service from the Dixcart Team

Additional Information

If you require additional information regarding the jurisdiction of St Kitts & Nevis and the services offered, speak to John Mellor or Beth Le Cheminant at the Dixcart office in Nevis:

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