Dixcart Company Formation and Management

We offer corporate structuring advice and a comprehensive range of services to establish and manage companies in several jurisdictions across the world.

Establishing & Managing Companies

Company Formation and Management

Dixcart establish and manage companies and advise clients regarding the most appropriate structures to meet their international objectives. 

Dixcart primarily incorporates companies in the jurisdictions where we have offices: Cyprus, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta, Nevis, Portugal (mainland and Madeira), South Africa, Switzerland, and the UK. We can also help coordinate the formation of companies in other jurisdictions.

Dixcart professionals are skilled in terms of cross-border tax-planning and where the client does not already have their own professional advisors, Dixcart can assist with formulating the optimum structuring option/s, to meet the particular circumstances.

Good opportunities exist for holding and/or trading companies in each of the jurisdictions where Dixcart has an office, and zero corporate tax rate regimes prevail in some of these jurisdictions.

Dixcart not only establishes the companies but also provides a comprehensive range of company management services. Such corporate services include:

  • registered office
  • registered agent
  • tax compliance services
  • accountancy services
  • director services
  • dealing with all aspects of acquisitions and disposals.

Corporate Secretarial

Dixcart are experienced in providing company secretarial services, with the Guernsey office in particular, assisting listed entities with their corporate requirements. Dixcart are well-skilled in coordinating the effective administration of a company and ensuring compliance with the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

Director Services

Dixcart are able to provide directors to administer a company’s affairs and to ensure that the company meets the relevant substance requirements. We provide experienced professionals, to sit on the board of client companies in either executive or non-executive positions, and whose professional expertise can be of value in relation to the company’s activities.

Accounting Services

In terms of accounting services, we work with clients at every stage of their business life cycle, and can set up the complete internal finance function, if required. Dixcart are experienced in coordinating the reporting of financial data from international companies, for statutory purposes and frequently provide management accounts for a large variety of different companies.

Registered Office / Agent

Dixcart are able to provide the services of a registered office and/or registered agent in those jurisdictions where we have offices. These services are usually provided only where we undertake other services for the company, or where we are working with regulated professionals from other jurisdictions.

Further information regarding the services that Dixcart provides to companies is detailed in: Business Support Services.

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Dixcart provides a comprehensive range of business support services to companies establishing themselves and operating in many different jurisdictions.