Fund Administration

Fund services provided by Dixcart, primarily fund administration, supplement our long track record of successfully looking after HNWIs and family offices.

Dixcart Fund Administration

Fund administration

Dixcart Fund services are available from the four jurisdictions of: Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta and Portugal (through our close links to STAG Fund Management).

Fund administration services, range from fund accounting and reporting to net asset value calculations. Such services are often outsourced to an appropriately qualified specialist such as Dixcart.

Dixcart fund administration services include:

  • Company secretarial services and support to the fund board.
  • Full administration and support services ranging through from acquisitions to disposals of investments.
  • Maintenance and filing of the fund’s financial books and records as the fund accountant, including reconciliation of holdings with custody and broker records (where applicable).
  • Payment and management of fund expenses.
  • Calculation of the net asset value (NAV), including calculation of the fund’s income and expense accruals, and the pricing of securities at current market value. 
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual reports to shareholders.
  • Where applicable, the settlement of daily purchases and sales of securities, ensuring collection of dividends and interest.
  • Preparation and filing of other relevant filings and reports.
  • Completion of continuing obligations of the fund.
  • Calculation of the total returns and other performance measures of the fund.

Specific activities, that do NOT fall under the scope of fund administration, are those directly associated with the marketing and development of a collective investment scheme but support can be given.

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