Our People

Professional services include family office services for individuals as well as corporate structuring and assistance in establishing and managing companies.

The Dixcart team

The Dixcart team comprises a high percentage of professionally qualified staff, with numerous languages spoken throughout the Group. Profiles for the Directors and Business Development Managers across the Group are detailed below.

The Dixcart Team

The calibre of the Dixcart Team is critical to everything that we do. We have a high percentage of professionally qualified staff, with the majority of the Dixcart Team holding more than one qualification and continuing to study for additional professional qualifications.

The Dixcart Culture is unique and shapes our identity and corporate personality. It is what makes us different and generally what attracts our clients to us and ensures that they return with new projects requiring additional solutions from us.

Recruiting people who will be the correct match, to the Dixcart Group, is key. Professionals embracing an outward looking, international approach enjoy the challenge of working at Dixcart and enthusiasm and a pro-active approach are also qualities required by members of the Dixcart Team. Retaining staff is equally as important as effective recruitment, and Dixcart are proud that many members of staff have worked at Dixcart for over ten years and a considerable number for over 20 years.

Working as part of a team is also very important. The offices are close-knit, generally with more than one member of staff working on a project and this applies to working with the team of another Dixcart office. Structures and solutions to problems are often provided through the coordination of a number of the Dixcart jurisdictions and Dixcart Teams in the relevant offices.

The core Dixcart services in terms of Private Client and Corporate Services, are offered across the Dixcart Teams, in the eight Dixcart offices. Residence and Citizenship services, to assist individuals to move as efficiently as possible to another country, are also available in each office.

Certain services are niche to one office, or a few of the offices, depending on which jurisdiction the Dixcart office is in. Please contact us for further information.