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International corporate formation, ship and yacht registration, and expertise to assist individuals to relocate to Portugal and structure their wealth tax efficiently.

Welcome to Dixcart Portugal – Lisbon Office

Located in the capital Lisbon, Dixcart Portugal provides formation and management services for international corporations and also incorporates Portuguese companies, including holding companies, in Portugal, and in the Madeira International Business Centre. We assist with various visa programmes such as; the Portugal Golden Visa, D2 and D7 Digital Nomad Visas, and Non-Habitual Resident regime criteria reviews and registration, and put in place any requisite re-structuring of wealth. We also provide advice on tax-efficient structures to own ships and yachts.

Dixcart Lisbon office

Corporate Formation and Management

Dixcart Portugal provides complete corporate formation, secretarial and management services for international corporations and also incorporates Portuguese companies in Portugal and in the tax-efficient Madeira International Business Centre (MIBC). Services include the preparation and completion of accounts, statutory records and compliance reporting.

Relocating to Portugal, Residence and Citizenship

Dixcart Portugal has assisted numerous clients to take advantage of various visa programmes, most typically the Portugal Golden Visa, and D2 and D7 visa programmes. For those who relocate to Portugal we also assist with advice regarding wealth structuring and applications to the attractive Non-Habitual Regime, which can offer a number of tax benefits.

Aircraft Yacht and Ship Registration

The Dixcart Lisbon office provides advice regarding the most tax efficient ownership structure for aircrafts, ships and yachts. We also coordinate the registration of the aircraft or vessel and incorporate the appropriate ownership vehicle.

Dixcart Lisbon office

Why Portugal?

Portugal is a member of the EU, has an extensive network of Double Tax Treaties and offers a favourable Holding Company Regime. The Portuguese Golden Visa, is an attractive regime for non-EU individuals seeking to move their country of residence and the Non-Habitual Regime is also very popular.

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Portugal – Lisbon office details

Portugal Lda provides expertise to international clients, both companies and individuals, seeking to benefit from the organisation of their activities in Portugal. We also provide advice to intermediaries, located in countries around the world, who wish to take advantage of the potential available, in the jurisdiction of Portugal, for their clients.

We establish, manage and control companies in Portugal. The Dixcart Lisbon office also provides advice regarding the statutory obligations of companies in Portugal.

Dixcart Portugal Lda

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