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Professional services include family office services for individuals as well as corporate structuring and assistance in establishing and managing companies.

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Portugal Office Services

Dixcart Portugal Lda provides full secretarial and management services for international corporations and can also incorporate Portuguese companies in the International Business Centre of Madeira. 

The Dixcart Lisbon office can also arrange the organisation and incorporation of companies in many other jurisdictions and provide management and secretarial services for those companies.

Aircraft, Ship and Yacht Registration

Dixcart Air Marine has assisted many clients to register aircraft, ships and yachts. The Dixcart Lisbon office can provide advice regarding the most tax efficient ownership structures. We will then incorporate the appropriate ownership vehicle and undertake the ongoing corporate management and administration, as well as coordinating the registration of the aircraft or vessel.

Corporate Formation

The benefits of the Madeira International Business Centre Legislation are not restricted to Portuguese companies. These benefits are also available to branches of companies registered anywhere in the world, and the Dixcart Lisbon office has expertise in company establishment and management.

Fiscal Advice

We have many years of experience in establishing and organising corporations in a wide variety of jurisdictions and international financial centres around the world, Dixcart Lisbon office can provide advice on the creation of efficient tax structures using Portugal and the jurisdiction of Madeira. We offer expertise and practical solutions to meet a variety of international trade and investment situations.

IT Support and Technical Services

The Dixcart Data Centre in Madeira provides IT support and skilled technical staff to deliver online services from Madeira to global destinations.

Management of Corporations

The Dixcart Lisbon office has been providing management and secretarial support to companies incorporated in Portugal and registered within the International Business Centre of Madeira for over twenty years. We provide full local management of companies, including the maintenance of statutory records, preparation and completion of accounts, value added tax compliance reporting and the maintenance of documentation for the day to day operation of the company.

Portuguese Golden Visa and Non Habitual Residents Tax Regime

With the introduction of Portugal’s ‘Golden Visa’ and special tax regime for ‘non habitual residents’, Portugal has become a destination of choice for many non-EU nationals. The Dixcart Lisbon office provides advice and assistance to individuals seeking to relocate to Portugal.

Trustee Services

Trustee services are available from the Dixcart Lisbon and from other offices in the Dixcart Group.

Serviced Offices

The Dixcart Business Centre in Madeira provides fully serviced offices in Funchal, the capital of Madeira. Professional services such as accounting, corporate law and IT can also be provided to support companies located on the island.

Dixcart Lisbon Office Information

The Dixcart Lisbon office provides expertise to international clients, both companies and individuals, seeking to benefit from the organisation of their activities in Portugal. We also provide advice to intermediaries located in countries across the globe who wish to take advantage of the benefits available in the jurisdiction of Portugal for their clients.

We establish, manage and control companies in Portugal. The Dixcart Lisbon office also provide advice regarding the statutory obligations of companies in Portugal.

  • Portugal is a member of the EU and has an extensive network of Double Tax Treaties.
  • Portugal offers a favourable Holding Company Regime.
  • The Portuguese Golden Visa is an attractive regime for non-EU individuals seeking to move their location of residence.
  • The Non-Habitual Residence Regime offers an attractive tax regime for individuals, both from within the EU and outside the EU, who have not been tax resident in Portugal for the previous five years.
  • Madeira is part of Portugal and Portuguese companies registered in the International Business Centre of Madeira enjoy a 5% corporate tax rate, guaranteed until 2027. Dixcart has an office in Madeira.
  • Portugal offers an attractive aircraft register.
  • The Azores are part of Portugal. The Azores has an attractive rate of VAT and is a favoured location for the importation of yachts.

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