Malta’s New Start-up Residence Programme

Malta has introduced a New Start-up Residence Programme

At the 2-day “Start-In-Malta Festival” in October 2022, Malta Residence Agency announced a new residence programme: the Malta Start-Up Residence Programme.

  • This new visa will allow non-European nationals to relocate and live in Malta, by establishing an innovative start-up.

The programme allows founders/co-founders to apply for a 3-year residency permit, together with their immediate family, and the company to apply for 4 additional permits for Key Employees.  

The Hon. Miriam Dalli (Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise) stated “we want to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology innovation, research & development“.

Highlights of the new Start-Up Residence Visa

  • Fast and efficient application process
  • Founders/Co Founders receive a 3-year permit that can be potentially renewed for another 5 years (it is possible to include immediate family members in the application)
  • Founders/Co Founders may apply for permanent residency after residing in Malta for 5 years
  • The Start-up company can also apply for residence permits for up to 4 Key employees (of which they will need to satisfy the requirements of the KEI)
  • Key Employees receive a 3-year residence permit that can be renewed for another 3 years (it is possible to include immediate family members in the application)
  • Key Employees may apply for long term residency after completing 5 years in Malta

Salient Points:

  • It is expected that the successful applicants will reside in Malta and make Malta their permanent residence and therefore there is a minimum stay requirement of 183 days per year

Additional Information

For further information on the new Start-up Visa, please do not hesitate to contact Henno Kotze: at the Dixcart office, in Malta or your usual Dixcart contact.

Dixcart Management Malta Limited Licence Number: AKM-DIXC-24

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