The Organisation of a Fund in Malta – The Benefits

Dixcart is licensed to provide fund administration services in Malta and in the Isle of Man.

We provide a comprehensive range of services in Malta including accounting and shareholder reporting, corporate secretarial services, fund administration, shareholder services and valuations.

The Benefits of Establishing a Fund in Malta

A key benefit in terms of using the jurisdiction of Malta for the organisation of a fund is the favourable tax regime. In addition, the fees for establishing a fund in Malta and for fund administration services are considerably lower than in a number of other jurisdictions.

Malta also has a comprehensive Double Tax Treaty network.

What are the Taxation Advantages of Establishing a Fund in Malta?

Funds in Malta enjoy a number of specific tax advantages, including:

  • No stamp duty on the issue or transfer of shares.
  • No tax on the net asset value of the scheme.
  • No withholding tax on dividends paid to non-residents.
  • No taxation on capital gains on the sale of shares or units by non-residents.
  • No taxation on capital gains on the sale of shares or units by residents provided such shares/units are listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.
  • Non prescribed funds enjoy an important exemption, which applies to the income and gains of the fund.

A Self Managed Maltese UCITS Scheme and Dixcart and Fund Administration

A UCITS is one type of fund that can be organised in Malta and a self managed Maltese UCITS scheme can be established as an investment company.

The investment function can be delegated to a manager based in Malta or in another recognised jurisdiction. The administrator should preferably be based in Malta and the custodian or depository must be based in Malta. A Maltese UCITS can apply for listing on the Malta Stock Exchange.

The Dixcart office in Malta holds a fund licence and can therefore provide the appropriate fund administration services.

Additional Information

If you require any further information regarding the benefits of establishing a fund in Malta please speak to Sean Dowden at the Dixcart office in Malta:

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