Dixcart Air Marine – Team Introduction

The Team and Activity

Dixcart Air Marine assists clients with the registration of yachts, ships, and aircraft in a number of different jurisdictions.

Our team of experienced professionals across the various Dixcart offices, provide a complete service for clients. Professionalism, coupled with practical experience, help guarantee a smooth process for our clients and enables them to access a range of attractive measures that are available in the different jurisdictions.

Dixcart Air Marine can coordinate the entire yacht, ship, or aircraft purchase and/or ownership. To maximise the benefits, one of our professionals should ideally be involved as early as possible – as soon as the thought of owning the asset has occurred to the client. To see the full range of services available, please click here.

Introduction to Jonathan Vassallo and Gisela Martins

Jonathan Vassallo from the Malta office and Gisela Martins from the Madeira office are two key members of the Dixcart Air Marine team that we are introducing you to today.

Jonathan joined Dixcart in September 2009. He is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Malta Institute of Taxation, the Malta Institute of Accountants, and the Malta Institute of Management. Jonathan is also a member of the Yachting Business Section of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry. He is the Managing Director of the Dixcart office in Malta.

Gisela Martins joined the Dixcart Group in 2010 as a senior lawyer in the legal and compliance department. Her practice is focused on Corporate, Tax, Shipping and Residency programmes. Gisela graduated in Law from the Catholic University of Portugal, in Lisbon, and worked for the international law firm Miranda & Associados.

She holds a Post-Graduate Degree in Management and Tax from the Portuguese Institute for Finance and Tax Studies (IESF).

Jonathan Vassallo – Jonathan.vassallo@dixcart.com

Jonathan Vassallo

Jonathan was appointed Director of Dixcart Management Malta Limited at the start of 2013 and Managing Director during 2018. His role is to develop and implement strategy for the Malta office ensuring that the Group’s high standards of compliance and operational control are maintained. He manages a number of relationships with international clients and particularly specialises in the areas of yachting, residence, and VAT. He has extensive experience with the registration of yachts and superyachts, the formation and administration of the relevant holding structures, and the ongoing management of yachting structures.

Before joining Dixcart, Jonathan Vassallo was involved in the manufacturing industry in Malta for thirteen years. During this term, he served as an Accountant and Financial Controller for two major furniture firms in Malta.

Gisela Martins – Gisela.martins@dixcart.com

Gisela Martins

Gisela is a member of the Air Marine department at the Dixcart office in Madeira (Portugal). She has extensive experience regarding yacht and ship registration, gained over 20 years, and is a member of the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA).

Gisela provides advice on the setting up of appropriate ownership structures for the vessel, assists with VAT and yacht importation, and has been involved in several yacht and ship transactions and mortgages.

Gisela has been involved in a wide variety of domestic and international transactions, advising corporate clients in sectors such as mergers, commercial contracts, corporate transactions, including share acquisitions and disposals, and corporate reorganisations and restructuring. She has also provided tax and legal assistance to several private clients wishing to relocate to Portugal in order to benefit from the special tax regime, the Non-Habitual Residents Programme.

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