Effective First Steps Towards Establishing a Company in Switzerland

The jurisdiction of Switzerland offers numerous advantages.

Based in the heart of Europe, it has a long tradition as an internationally respected finance and banking hub. It is renowned as a centre for private wealth.

The Challenge

Switzerland is considered a top level jurisdiction, in terms of international standards.

This has an impact on the establishment and management of companies, as much as it affects other areas of life in Switzerland.

  • We are often asked by clients, if there might be an alternative, a first step towards setting up a company in Switzerland.

The answer is yes.

The Solutions

Non-Swiss companies often need Swiss based employees, particularly when they are expanding into the Swiss market for the first time. Quite often this is to carry out a business development role, but there are many other situations when a Swiss employee or employees are needed.

Frequently, a local representative is needed in Switzerland, but it might be a little early to establish a Swiss company.

Two Options

There are two options:

  • The non-Swiss company directly hires the employees and Dixcart Switzerland represents the company;


  • Dixcart Switzerland opens a branch, in Switzerland, for the non-Swiss company and runs the branch. This offers the advantage of providing more substance in Switzerland.

What Advice and Support can Dixcart in Switzerland Provide?

We can provide advice as to the best solution to meet the particular circumstances and can help generate an effective business plan. In addition we can provide day to day administrative services to ensure the smooth running of this first step into the Swiss market.

Dixcart Switzerland services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Business plans
  • Payroll
  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Preparation of annual returns
  • Swiss insurance expertise
  • Swiss social security expertise
  • Value added tax reporting and payment (VAT)

Payroll Services

Specific services in relation to the payroll function include:

  • Salary calculations
  • Social security calculations and payments
  • Payroll tax calculations and payments

Serviced Offices

Serviced offices are available in the same premises as Dixcart Switzerland. Desks with internet connection, are used by serviced office clients, with telephone lines and secretarial support available, if required.

What Additional Support is Available – When a Company is Established in Switzerland?

If the business in Switzerland expands and it becomes viable and beneficial to establish a Swiss company, Dixcart Switzerland can assist with:

  • Accounting

Working with clients at every stage of their business life cycle, we are able to set up the complete internal finance function, if required. 

  • Management Accounts

Dixcart frequently provide management accounts for a large variety of different companies. These can be generated monthly, quarterly or annually, to help make running the company as efficient as possible.

  • Provision of Directors

A number of the companies that Dixcart manage have a Dixcart professional on their Board of Directors. The technical professional expertise, impartial perspective and extensive experience at director level  that a Dixcart director can provide, is often of substantial benefit.

Additional Information

If you would like additional information regarding the first steps towards setting up a company in Switzerland, please contact Christine Breitler at the Dixcart office in Switzerland: advice.switzerland@dixcart.com.

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