Why are Security Trustee Arrangements Increasingly Popular and Why Choose Dixcart?

Alternative project finance has become increasingly popular since the financial crisis of 2008. Businesses continue to diversify their funding arrangements by considering alternative finance structures. These structures can take a number of different forms, with the most common being equity and debt based alternative investments.

How Can Dixcart Assist with the Organisation of these Arrangements?

Dixcart establishes workable structures to enable clients to raise the funds they require, from both direct high net worth sophisticated investors and via Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) and Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS), whilst also ensuring that the structures are compliant with financial services legislation.

Dixcart works with specialist corporate lawyers who provide advice on the most appropriate alternative structures to comply with complex financial services legislation and the associated rules and regulations established by the Guernsey Financial Conduct Authority.

How Does a Dixcart Security Trust Arrangement Work?

The Dixcart Security Trust Arrangement (STA) is generally introduced by the fundraising party via a Security Trust Deed. The security trustee holds a charge over the investment assets and is empowered to act on behalf of the investors should the terms of the investment return not be fulfilled.

The parties to the agreement are:

  1. The company seeking to raise funds
  2. The investors
  3. The security trustee


What are the Benefits of using Dixcart as the Security Trustee?

  • Competitive and Flexible Cost Structure
    • Use of a Security Trust Arrangement can be a less expensive on-going alternative to using a standard fundraising model.
    • A Security Trust Arrangement offers flexibility in terms of the potential to add extra levels of fund raising through the issue of additional equity or debt instruments.
  • Expertise
    • The Dixcart Group was established in 1972 and has in excess of 45 years’ experience in acting as a professional, independent trustee on a wide range of corporate and private matters.
    • Dixcart Trust Corporation Limited is a licensed fiduciary and is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

Additional Information

If you require additional information regarding Dixcart acting as a security trustee, please contact John Nelson (advice.guernsey@dixcart.com) at Dixcart Trust Corporation Limited, the Dixcart company in Guernsey. Alternatively please speak to your usual Dixcart contact.

Dixcart Trust Corporation Limited, Guernsey: Full Fiduciary Licence granted by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Guernsey registered company number: 6512.

Updated October 2018

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